Under the administration of the Ministry of Education, Central Institute for Vocational and Technical Education conducts research in the reform and development of vocational and technical education and makes suggestions for vocational and technical education management and policy making.

Since its establishment more than 20 years ago, CIVTE, serving the reform and development of vocational education, has made significant contributions in policy consultation, academic research, standard development and serving the society. In the field of China vocational education, CIVTE serves as the expert pool for policy making,the think tank for TVET reform and innovation, the lead agency for providing guidance in practice, the center for coordinating research and studies, and the platform for international cooperation.

CIVTE boasts a team of educational experts and has established cooperation with government agencies, enterprises in different industries, research institutions and vocational schools and colleges in China. CIVTE has established cooperation with vocational education research institutions of many countries in the world and strives to make extensive contact with the international community.

In China today, vocational education plays an increasingly important role in pushing economic development and maintaining social stability and harmony. China’s vocational education has made substantial progress, stepping into a new era of rational development. CIVTE will abide by the motto “serving the state, serving the people, seeking truth from the reality” and strive to seek the truth, serve policymaking, innovate theory and guide practice, making new contributions to the development of vocational education in China.